American School of Kosova, announced one of the most complete K12 architecture campus from Archdaily in Europe, not only provides best in class architecture but as well, provides one of the most complete ICT technology specially designed and implemented from InterAdria for K12 services.

Starting from the turnkey data center solution from construction, engineering and ICT, completing a hybrid Wired to full Wireless education system with a complex
integration of Aruba Networks Wired and WiFi solution with Cisco, best in class and most advanced Next-Generation Firewalls, American School of Kosova consists of the best combined and implemented technology in the region.

The benefits of having a full wireless infrastructure, provides flexibility to move around the education campus and additionally, provides one of the most secure and web
filtered infrastructure, designed for K12 education, with limitations to use of education Youtube channels and internet education content separated from enhanced services and quality of service for Google Suite and eLearning Applications.

With enhanced Identity-Based security, as students move around the campus, the challenge is to maintain access to education-specific resources. By eliminating
traditional access control methods, determined by the point of network entry, break down in this situation, access control must now consider user identity, role, device type, location, time, and other relevant user and device characteristics.

Our advanced implemented infrastructure provides:

  • Simplify the design, deployment, and management of the distributed wired and wireless network with self-optimizing and
    centralized control
  • Secure all-wireless district with identity-based security, integrated firewall, intrusion protection, and end-to-end encryption
  • Scale to high user-density areas, with
    enhanced adaptive 802.11ac performance, for multiple applications, and across a distributed district
  • Future Proof – Software upgradeable design to support future applications should integrate seamlessly with the existing AAA infrastructure such as RADIUS, LDAP, or Active Directory with support of SD-WAN and SD-LAN Architecture


A full virtualized infrastructure, relying on HPe Server and Storage solution, virtualized with VMWare, provides future proof expansion and extension capabilities for the new school services.

American School of Kosova invested in the most advanced and best-in-class technical architecture in the region, to provide critical education apps for K12, in order to have business continuity for education applications of up to 99.99999% with a full redundant technical solution, end to end.