Implementation of 5G network from InterAdria & NOKIA for the first time in Kosovo

We are happy to announce the implementation of the 5G network for the first time in Kosovo!

With our giant partner NOKIA, we have implemented successfully the 5G network in the UBT Private College. Thanks to this agreement, InterAdria is powering the digital transformation with Nokia DAC private wireless solutions for other clients too.


E2E industrial-grade digitalization platform on 5G.
Connectivity. Application. Device Ecosystem.

Accelerate your digital transformation with a simple and secure private wireless network platform.

Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) is a high-performance, end-to-end private wireless networking, and edge computing platform. Offered as a service, it lets you combine plug-and-play 4G and 5G connectivity with on-premise data management and processing to support real-time applications for smart manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and remote operations.

An end-to-end platform that makes private wireless networking and automation easy:

  • A comprehensive solution
  • A simple, powerful management portal
  • Proven wireless technology, new 5G SA 
  • Easy to manage

NDAC manager allows you to:

  • Manage and monitor the performance of your devices, via a single pane of glass
  • Start with any number of devices and scale according to needs
  • Easily deploy user equipment, which connects automatically to your network
  • Change device parameters when or if your use case changes
  • Implement mass actions, advanced filtering, and device grouping
  • Customize operations based on the business requirements, such as geo-fencing
  • Equip your Nokia industrial devices with pre-integrated applications like Nokia team comms.

Nokia DAC gives you:

  • An easy to deploy an industrial-grade private wireless network
  • High reliability with proven 4G/LTE, 5G, and MulteFire technology  
  • Simple plug-and-play connectivity for all your assets
  • Full control over the creation and management of multi-local networks  
  • Low latency and strong security
  • Wide and deep coverage
  • Dependable QoS management
  • Easy scalability, up and down

Solutions by industry:

  • Processing Industry
  • Logistic and Transport
  • Mining, Oil and Gas Industries
  • Utilities
  • Public Safety
  • Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture
  • Smarter grid and safer society