Interadria 5G success story

The affiliate company, ITTS, part of the InterAdria parent company, which operates in Croatia, has successfully signed million Euro value contracts for the implementation of Ericsson’s world’s most advanced 5G mobile infrastructure technology, for HT Telecom, owned by Deutsche-Telekom group.  

This contract involves, high-profile field engineering service in Telecommunication networks, which includes planning, implementation and change of technology, enabling the transformation to 5G, which are considered the world’s most advanced field services in today’s telecom market. These services are strongly supported and appreciated by Ericsson and HT Management structures. This success proves business commitment, provided by the achievement of professional training in creating global expertise for implementing 5G network RAN, with a strong field engineering and technical knowledge.

Recently, InterAdria affiliate company ITTS, has taken part in swapping hundreds of sites, increasing capacity and preparing HT Telekom RAN infrastructure for the next 5G transformation. Furthermore, there has been more than hundreds of sites, going through the Site Survey and Site Survey Checklist, which are fully covered from professional and certified field engineers and rigging experts.

With the professional services offered from InterAdria affiliate company ITTS, 5G is “not anymore a dream, its reality” and jointly this proves a successful story, with lead technology powered by Ericsson. For more news, please refer to the official website of HT Telekom for their 5G experience:

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