Sales Engineer for dep. of Engineering and Telecom

Main duties

– Identification of various products and technical solutions of Engineering and Telecommunication systems (security systems, energy, UPS, precision cooling, automation, communication systems, etc.),

– Identification of various products and technical solutions according to customer requirements.

– Communication with local and foreign manufacturers and distributors in Albanian and English.

– Preparation of offers and necessary administrative, technical, and financial documents for various engineering and telecommunication systems, according to customer requirements.

– Realization of the ordering and delivery process according to certain deadlines.

– Group work and genuine communication with the team.

– Realization of the learning process by the department leaders.

– Realization of work tasks in time periods with certain deadlines (deadline).

Qualification requirements

– Ability to identify various equipment and technical solutions.

– Basic technical knowledge of the above systems.

– Basic business communication skills to discuss with various local and foreign manufacturers and distributors.

– Knowledge of English in writing, reading, and communication, at a professional level.

– It is preferred to have at least 2 years of work experience in selling engineering products.

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

– Preferred: Certifications / Training in the field of engineering and telecom or certifications/training in the field of Sales.


The required position of the average level of preparation for the tasks according to the description, preparation and realization of all phases of learning and realization of the work tasks in coordination with the heads of the department.

Those interested can apply at the email: [email protected]