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Do you know who or what is connecting to your network? With Aruba ClearPass you can be completely certain.

Discover how we can support your network security management, no matter what kind of devices are connecting and where they’re connecting from.


InterAdria provides end-to-end disaster recovery solutions throughout all level of layers, from the data to applications running in one or multiple data centers. InterAdria solution complies with the different enterprise demands such as Avoiding SPoF (Single Point of Failure) with High Availability (HA) solution to protect datacenters, Active-standby disaster recovery enabling two data centers working in active/standby mode in the same or different locations, Active-active disaster recovery using two simultaneous data centers working in a load-sharing mode in the same location or different locations, and Multi-Hybrid disaster recovery using two data centers working in active/standby or load-sharing mode in the same or multiple locations. Multiple levels of redundancy achieve more reliable continuity


Our solution can help modernize governments and the company’s IT infrastructure. The real benefit enables centralized and efficient network management including the reduction of operation costs and enabling new technologies in the enterprise.

We provide a centralized solution with centralized network provisioning, offering comprehensive infrastructure management with full network automation, reducing the cost of operations, reducing the size of hardware components and enhance the network security with the capability of cloud-ready infrastructure with full disaster recovery capabilities.


InterAdria offers adopting existing bare metal technology to virtual environment technology that will help IT reduce costs, simplify operations, and improve performance and uptime. Server virtualization, known as virtualized infrastructure, can provide benefits for IT departments of almost all sizes.

We reallocate resources and infrastructure with zero downtime, decrease the quantity of hardware, reduce power consumption and space requirements, provide quick and easy provision of new infrastructure, simplify and improve the disaster recovery technology and process, ensure critical applications will stay up with highly available architecture, prioritize critical and important applications to ensure they receive the resources required to meet the technical needs, simplify systems environment, management and operations.


Modern network security must accommodate an ever-changing, diverse set of users and devices, as well as much more prevalent threats targeting previously “trusted” parts of the network infrastructure. Zero Trust has emerged as an effective model to better address the changing security requirements for the modern enterprise by assuming that all users, devices, servers, and network segments are inherently insecure and potentially hostile.

Aruba ESP with Zero Trust Security improves the overall network security posture by applying a more rigorous set of security best practices and controls to previously trusted network resources.