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Our sales team bridges customers with IT products and services.
It handles tasks like product identification, communication with manufacturers, technical specifications, research, client advice, and product demonstrations. The department also manages financing for IT and network equipment across company departments.


Human Resources Management Information System reduces paperwork by 90% and increases employee engagement, creates goals and aligns employees across the company:

It creates a true pay-for-performance culture, reporting and much more. HR modules are an intersection between human resource and information technology.

Today HRMIS has the key role in managing employees all around the world and processess such as Payroll, Recruitment, Employee Profiles, Demographic Analysis and much more.


Loan Management System is a system adjusted specifically to improve the loaning process as well as reduce time and costs.

An easily comprehensible and deployable solution which provides a variety of functions and capabilities ranging from the loan process and ending in the collection process.

Performs in codependency and is readily adjustable to fit with any core banking systems. Offers automatic notifications, data entry and action logging, contract generation and many other features all in accordance with the specific bank’s requests and policies in mind.


FDMS is a software that makes it easy the management of fiscal devices in a very efficient way. It has the capacity to manage a large number of devices including processes such as Fiscalizations, Servicings, Module Changes, Cancelations, Presentations to TAK, and Device Visits and Controls.

It enables enterprises and taxpayers to engage in important processes allowing them to make requests themself when their fiscal devices needs servicing, changing or canceling.


InterAdria, based on its vast experience, in the development and implementation of large applications and their integrations with other systems, has performed effective project management and quality assurance activities and documents, which brought to Education Software Launch of the prominences global level, with a large scale database, with large and comprehensive usage, capacity and security.

Development and installation of the E-School Management Information System automated entire teaching management system in several schools. It utilized the desire which was existed during the centuries to automatically generate performance of the students, the performance of the teachers, class performance, school and school management performance and up to the highest management levels in Ministry.


Tracking your organization’s assets has never been easier when it comes to tracking your company’s assets, Fixed Assets Management Information System E provides all the functionality you need including customizable reports, printing and scanning bar codes and much more.

Fixed Assets Management Information System is offered in two editions, The Standard Edition for small enterprises The Enterprise Edition with Microsoft SQL server, and other ODBC-compilation databases