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Solar thermal collectors are classified by the United States Energy Information Administration as low, medium, or high temperature collectors.

Low-temperature collectors are generally unglazed and used to heat swimming pools or to heat ventilation air.

Medium temperature collectors are also usually flat plates but are used for heating water or air for residential and commercial use.

High temperature collectors concentrate sunlight using mirrors or lenses and are generally used for fulfilling heat requirements up to 300 deg C / 20 bar pressure in industries, and for electric power production.


Combat zones are usually areas which are covered with the fog of war and the chaos. Spotting and Identifying a friend or enemy on the battlefield is very hard and therefore risking being fired is more than common.

Providing end-to-end communication and enabling the intelligence of networking, this will prevent friendly fire and as well provide awareness of the enemy positions, in order to have clear visibility of the battlefield. Position, Location, Identification or known as PLI is key to enable precise messaging and coordinates for different threatening situations.


Military Grade Secure Communication Combat chaos, the army needs a very fast, secure and instant access communication to information.

InterAdria offers solution which helps them to access information and communication to the commanders and C2 centers that will enable the access to a fast and better decision, the ikes of Real Time ISR with EN Route C2 capabilities offering broadband on the move, Information Assurance for Data at Rest, Portable solution for “Anywhere” secure communication, Secure smartphone and wireless broadband, among others.


Secure data between different locations while data is on transit. Securing services such as voice, video, and data, without risk of a network breach or cyber attack.

From low-speed IPSec to high-speed MACSec secure networking and from small weight to big data centers and power encryption for tactical military operations enabling the capability of keeping your sensitive information safe.


With our solutions, we provide features for far transmission distance, wider coverage, and fewer network nodes, saving equipment room space and decreasing OPEX.

With a single optical network carrier with various services, facilitating centralized device management and providing high capacity solutions. We offer a hybrid solution in a single box, offering all types of Access Technology, starting from Copper infrastructure with native xDSL technology, to coax infrastructure supporting DOCSIS and adding full FTTx capable solution as a hybrid turnkey integration solution.


Solutions that offer high availability combined with high-performance networks, which are critical to support innovative IT applications in the energy industry and power utilities, public transportation, education, and telecom services. InterAdria accomplishes high-speed, high-bandwidth combined with low-latency communications based on the latest optical and wireless technologies.

Our solution combines all technologies possible to cross boundaries and avoid possible limitations, offering fiber optic transport technologies such as SDH, PDH, WDM and also offering Microwave transport options in licensed and unlicensed bands.


Mobile networks are over-consumed and overloaded with data from smart devices. Services such as OTT Apps, video streaming, personal blogs, streaming music and online gaming are causing high data consumption and overloading RAN frequency. Mobile providers are adding Wi-Fi as a parallel RAN infrastructure to provide low cost access technology with high performance throughput.


We are providing end to end and turn key simplified Wi-Fi Offload solution, jointly with our partners, by integrating a wide range of scenarios, protocols, interfaces, and interoperability with different vendors in the mobile network, which will integrate the Wi-Fi network into a single radio access network technology with the mobile network.


Together with our partners, we are offering industry’s first software-based Data Gateway which combines industry-leading subscriber and service management (AAA) and standards-based authentication mechanisms (EAP-SIM) with the ePDG functionality.